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Freestyle rapper & DJ Thug Shells is the    pocket size self described 'Bubbly Gangster'.  Making   her humble beginnings hip hopping    the stages of Western Canadian music festivals like Shambhala, Motion Notion, and Astral Harvest, and even venturing into the deserts of Burningman.Thug Shells has carved out a name for herself in both the electronic music and conscious hip hop  scenes

across North America!



With an emphasis    on positivity, the little   punchline pixie captivates crowds the   only way she knows how...

with gangster adorability!

If you mixed equal parts Slim Shady,       

Mac Miller and the Little Mermaid and put em'  into a pint-sized package, Thug Shells is what you would end up with. All I know is you're going to get some ferocious freestyles , and some fresh banging beats!

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Tune into the Shellevision !

Saturdays, Sundays, &

Mondays.We either jiving to

dope beats, or freestyling!

Want to book me for an event?

Shoot me a message with your details for a quote!

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