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Christmas Wrap Lyrics

Dear Santa, Where you at?

When you comin’ down my chimney stack 

I got some breaks for you that really slap 

Christmas ain’t about the presents

Its about how they are wrapped



Santa’s jolly cuz he knows where da hoe’s at 

This wraps holly cuz we know where the flows at 

Move yo’ body don’t be a froze cat 

Thugs n kisses I’ll be where da mistletoes at 


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum for Christmas 

More like egg nog, we barely begun the Wishlist 

Make ya head nod ya turkeys lookin’ delicious  

Shaking them bods and twerkin’ it so ridiculous


[Siiiigggh] If only the world could know

That all you needs a little dancings to wake up your soul.

If we showed all of the naughty kids love instead of coal 

Then we’d be teaching kindness isn’t that the goal?!


Music is medicine that’s why I’m crediting 

My smile ear to ear to the tunes on the discs I’m peddling

If the reindeer need petting then make a quick stop in Edmonton

I’ll load you up  breaksbeats if you needed help getting them

A lot of people think that you’re fictitious 

But I can’t help but want to send my wishes.

I know you’re probably busy on your expedition…

But I got some bangers, Christmas edition.


GASP oh dear. Woaaaah OH MY

Look up outside, who’s that so fly ?!  

Is that a herd of reindeer with some guy in the sky ?

So I gave him a wave In the nick of time.


(Jingle bells plus breaks)  I see him slamming’ the breaks,

His beats are banging, and he’s jamming out - to Christmas wrap - WAIT

So Santa’s not fake - he’s in my driveway.  

He jingled all the way to say “Can I have a mixtape” ?


Oh my goodness, this is quite unexpected

[ I dropped by your hoodness cuz you wraps quite festive]

And I have a mission… the elves have requested

that I get some breakbeats, so the world can send it!


Dear Santa, Where you at?

When you comin’ down my chimney stack 

I got some breaks for you that really slap 

Christmas ain’t about the presents its about how they are wrapped



You and I are similar Santa, for instance

We both into wrap delivered mint condition.

[Knock Knock?] who’s there? [Merry]… MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Or Married to the game… [So am I] We’re not different.


OF COURSE I’ll help you! It would be rude-olph me not to!

Breakbeats for breakfast, and I’m prepped for ROUND TWO. [ding ding}

I got some jingles for you Kringle, they’re brand new.

Let’s get em pumpin’ out yo’ sleigh for yo’ whole crew 


[Crisp like Christmas Day.]

Santa watcha say?

[The World needs this, eh]

808s are grea]

[Let’s make like turbo and jingle all the way]

Ima be real cliché, and say we gonna sleigh 


You’re guiding  giddy up we   low riding.

Dome’s are chrome shining, MUSH, let’s get flyin’

Let’s give the gift of presence we’ll wrap it up with nice rhyming

Dancer and Prancer think it’s dashing’ I’m double timing.


 Tie it up with reminders that life is about the moments

You share with the ones you love, that’ll warm the hearts of the coldest

I KNOW if we bring em music, they’ll dance it up with their closest.

Take it back to yes y’allin and holding’ on to what’s golden 


Shoutout to your elves who been slavin’ way all year

Time to kick it up to first gear, make all the bad disappear!

reindeer like what they hear, let’s deliver this cheer. 

Shell’s callin’ shot gun, so’ Santa can steer.



And we have joined forces, we’re a coalition!

Cept scraping’ the coal - breakbeats are our mission!

I’ll wrap it with joy - in true Christmas tradition.

Its our time to spread cheer, to all those that will listen!


Tell MRS. Clause, ya might be home late.

we can’t pause, it’ll be worth the wait .

Time to deliver a wackloooad of mixtapes.

Cuz EVERYONE deserves breaks on Christmas Day!

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